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In her final round-up of the year, Edith Roberts provides a brief look at a few articles that have been published regarding the current activity of the Supreme Court as well as historical markers evident in the last decade. The round-up features articles from The Hill, the Harvard Law Review Blog, and Bloomberg Opinion. Below is an excerpt from the original post.



  • At The Hill, John Kruzel reports that “Chief Justice John Roberts has tried to prevent the Supreme Court from being seen as just another political body, but when he presides over President Trump’s likely impeachment trial in the Senate, the partisan glare will be hard for him to avoid.”
  • At the Harvard Law Review Blog, Ciara Torres-Spelliscy argues that the per curiam opinion this term in Thompson v. Hebdon “is the latest example of the Roberts Supreme Court’s hostility to reasonable money in politics reforms like contribution limits, and its insistence on ignoring empirical data about campaign finance.”


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Jorge J. Perez is an attorney in South Florida. He is a self-professed history buff.