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Aurora Barns highlights three petitions in this edition of Petitions of the Week. Two of these petitions pertain to the issue of whether or not the Mineral Leasing Act enables representatives of the United States Forest Service to issue right-of-ways through the Appalachian Trail on lands that are within national forest boundaries. The other petition of the week relates to the potential violation of the separation of powers as witnessed in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where a single director leads an independent agency.


This week we highlight petitions pending before the Supreme Court that address the scope of the United States Forest Service’s authority to grant rights-of-way in national-forest lands and whether the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau violates the separation of powers.

The petitions of the week are:

United States Forest Service v. Cowpasture River Preservation Association


Issue: Whether the United States Forest Service has the authority to grant rights-of-way under the Mineral Leasing Act through lands traversed by the Appalachian Trail within national forests.


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Jorge J. Perez is an attorney in South Florida. He is a self-professed history buff.